[Namron] ...Water...cough,cough...must find water...bearers!

Miranda of Namron miranda_of_namron at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 9 01:55:45 PDT 2001

Sorry...let's try this again...

Hellooo Namron,
   Just calling on the populace once again to please give a little of your
time to help with waterbearing at this weekend's event (Protectorate, of
course! Geez!). We must keep EVERYONE hydrated at the heavy, rapier, and
equestrian fields. I especially need the big, muscular men to lend help (and
possibly phone numbers....teehee!) in refilling and transporting the coolers
between the kitchen and the list fields. Bored? Yes, teenagers and
responsible youths can look good to parents for future priviledges requests
(brownie points really add up!) by helping do a necessary service for the
barony! Any slaves...err... helpers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in

Militant Waterbearer
"Would you like some water?" is not a question.

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