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Tiernan tiernan at angelsfury.net
Tue Nov 12 23:08:38 PST 2002


Well, it's been a while, but I am returning to Tulsa!

Long story short, I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was living with my
fiancee. Having finally gotten settled after a few months of being
semi-homeless (she was living with her parents who didn't know I existed and
I was camping) my family shipped my computer, clothes, and some personal
stuff from Tulsa to Calgary. Well, that hit a flag in Custom's computer
somewhere and notified Immigrations that I:

(A) Was convicted of a prior felony in the US that in Canada equates to a
serious offense
(B) Was currently in Canada

So, 20 minutes after I took delivery of my stuff, I was arrested and taken
into custody. After contacting my fiancee, and my family, and spending two
days in the Calgary Provincial Jail, I was released on a "Peace Bond". Now,
after speaking further with Immigrations, I find that due to my felonious
background of over 8 years prior, that I am "Criminally Inelligable" to be
in Canada at anytime, not even to visit.

So, I have purchased a plane ticket back to Dallas, and will arrive Thursday
afternoon around 1:20pm. Of course, I will then get a Greyhound ticket to
Tulsa, so should arrive sometime Thursday evening. Michelle, my fiancee,
will follow as soon as her lease is up at her apartment (March) and we have
been approved for a "Fiancee Visa"... so it could be as soon as 6 months, or
as long as 2 years before she could come down to Tulsa to be with me.

That explained, I will again be taking part in the SCA, job/life permitting
of course, and am looking forward to rejoining the group. I hope to see
everyone real soon!!!

Greg Weible aka Seth of Namron
tiernan at angelsfury.net

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