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Wed Nov 13 06:53:06 PST 2002

Great Big Huggs Welcome back Can't wait to hug your neck


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> Greetings!
> Well, it's been a while, but I am returning to Tulsa!
> Long story short, I moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and was living with
> my
> fiancee. Having finally gotten settled after a few months of being
> semi-homeless (she was living with her parents who didn't know I existed
> and
> I was camping) my family shipped my computer, clothes, and some personal
> stuff from Tulsa to Calgary. Well, that hit a flag in Custom's computer
> somewhere and notified Immigrations that I:
> (A) Was convicted of a prior felony in the US that in Canada equates to a
> serious offense
> (B) Was currently in Canada
> So, 20 minutes after I took delivery of my stuff, I was arrested and taken
> into custody. After contacting my fiancee, and my family, and spending two
> days in the Calgary Provincial Jail, I was released on a "Peace Bond".
> Now,
> after speaking further with Immigrations, I find that due to my felonious
> background of over 8 years prior, that I am "Criminally Inelligable" to be
> in Canada at anytime, not even to visit.
> So, I have purchased a plane ticket back to Dallas, and will arrive
> Thursday
> afternoon around 1:20pm. Of course, I will then get a Greyhound ticket to
> Tulsa, so should arrive sometime Thursday evening. Michelle, my fiancee,
> will follow as soon as her lease is up at her apartment (March) and we
> have
> been approved for a "Fiancee Visa"... so it could be as soon as 6 months,
> or
> as long as 2 years before she could come down to Tulsa to be with me.
> That explained, I will again be taking part in the SCA, job/life
> permitting
> of course, and am looking forward to rejoining the group. I hope to see
> everyone real soon!!!
> Slàinte,
> Greg Weible aka Seth of Namron
> tiernan at angelsfury.net
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