[Namron] Hobbie lobbie

G. Gibeson gurhal at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 30 12:43:04 PST 2002

Hi all!  This is your first weekly Hobby Lobby heads up, hopefully to be
followed up by updates on the Saturday or Sunday before the sale starts.
Ulf, that it’s taken me so long to start doing this.  All sales are half
unless otherwise stated and I’ll only be hitting the ones of artsy and
	all decorative boxes
	ceramics and pottery
	artist brushes
	open back readymade frames
	all instruction & pattern books
	($1.99) 8oz spray metallic finishes
	($0.99) patio acrylic paints
Like I said, other stuff is on sale but these are the important ones.  If
have any real framing to do, come see me at the Quail Springs location, I
let you know when the best deals will be going.


I've always wanted to be rich. So much stalking can be done when there are
hirelings to help.

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