[Namron] Shawnee Christmas Parade

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 10:42:40 PST 2003

Greeting Good Gentles,
    We have been invited to participate in an Christmas parade in downtown 
Shawnee,Oklahoma,on thursday,dec04,2003,parade starts at 630 pm.
the first prize is 100 dollars,second is 50,and third doesnt 
matter!lol,,Gunnar and Nevar have entered their merchants wagon in the 
parade,and after speaking with Nevar this morning,she said if we win 
first,she will spilt the winnings with Skarrgard(her trailer and 
organization after all...my words not hers)..and if we should place 
second,Skarrgard gets ALL of it,,woo hoooooooooooooo,,,,
  So,anyway, on to the particulars,we need to be at Beard and Oakland 
streets promptly at 6pm on thursday dec 04th.Look for the big mill in 
southern shawnee,,we''ll be very close to that...looking forward to seeing 
you there.GARB IS NOT OPTIONAL!!!!!i plan to march in my armor.if any other 
fighters,bothchivalric and rapier show up,,,armor is optional,,but wear your 
best garb as we will be seen by the populace of shawnee as well as the 
surrounding towns..this is a big deal out here i hear...
     Directions: Fron Namorn: go east on hwy 9 all the way to tecumseh.turn 
left(north) at the first top light,,,go north approxiamtely 6 miles,,you 
cant miss the mill...
     From Weisenfeur:take I-40 east to the hwy 177 south exit,,go south on 
177 approx.7 miles to the FARRAL street exit,,,go east on FARRAL approx 1-2 
miles and the mill is on the left,,look for the people,ya cant miss the 
    So we will see you at the mill on thursday december 4th,at 6pm,,,,thanks 
in advance for your support in this and all the stuff we do out this way,,,
                                   In service to the Dream,and SLOWLY going 
                                             Lord Halldor the Mad Jester
                                             Acting Seneschal of the 
Incipient Canton of Skarrgard

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