[Namron] Living in the area questions

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Fri Dec 12 16:37:02 PST 2003

Nothing set in stone, but I have some questions I need to start 
researching.  Jim just finished his first semester and loved it.  We will 
be here in Tahlequah at my mom's for the 36 months his GI Bill gives him to 
do his bachelor's degree.  One of his professors has infected him and he is 
talking of wanting to get a PhD in Economics and OU is where he thinks he 
wants to do it, I think it is just for his student seats to the 
games...  So, I am looking at what options we will have in a few years 
time-that, and you guys will have already had our eldest for a year-so 
being closer to her will be nice.

The thing that makes the most sense to me would be a trailor on some land, 
as we have 6 cats and three dogs-two of which are over 70 pounds.  Have no 
idea of financial setting, as we will want to work on it full time (I'll be 
getting a PhD in Educational Psych at the same time-I think-or one of those 
make your own degree things), so as we are done in a reasonable amount of 
time.  But figuring we will be wanting to make it as 'economic' as possible.

Thoughts and areas down there nearish the college that I will want to look 
when I visit would be appreciated,

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