[Namron] Skarrgard's Clean Up Day

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 17 12:00:03 PST 2003

  Greetings All,
   just a note to remind everyone that our site clean up day is coming up 
saturday december 20th in stroud.any and all help will be appreciated.i am 
pretty sure all we need to do is a roof on our troll booth and some lipstick 
and rouge for the site...it should be a pretty light work day.i am not sure 
if we will be reveling afterwards or not.
  Unfortunately,due to a mundane reunion type thing that i cant get out 
of,my Lady and i will have to leave around 7pm.and yes i whined and 
everything to get out of the reunion,,lol..but,alas,was not allowed to.
   but anyway,bring rakes and anything else you think we might need to 
spruce up tha site...thanks in advance,

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