[Namron] Re: Namron Digest, Vol 7, Issue 17

Matt Reynolds woof231 at cox.net
Mon Dec 29 14:08:51 PST 2003

You gagged and spit!!!  But I'll admit I exagerated on the sputtering part.
But you are a true and honest wine snob!!

On a skiing venture (of which there are many stories), I got a bottle of
white wine.  The rest of the group being wine snobs, all naturally assumed
the white wine was to clean up any spills!!!  It took me two days to admit I
planned to drink it!!

Matthias the Kinky Brewer
Senior Pervert
Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners and Mazers

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Even though I agree with Mathias' assessment of the perversion issue, I have
to take him to task on that wine snob issue.  I did not gag, sputter and
spit after tasting it.  It was just entirely too sweet for me to swallow!
And I am not a mythical creature.  I am real and honest in my wine snobbery.

Genevieve (the absent of late)
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