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Tue Jan 14 04:51:46 PST 2003


It's my house...if you don't bring added entertainment (in other words,
Alec), how can I keep my kids bottled in their room.


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Will someone post a reminder on Wednesday ... some of
us have very short attention spans.  Also, I am
assuming "smalls" are welcome?

Bianca the Thankful that the Holidays are over!
--- "Epperson, Sheryl" <EppersS at oge.com> wrote:
> OK, we used to have a lot of people here who were
> interested in painting
> scrolls.
> This Wednesday is Heraldic/Scribal night at Tadhg
> and Meraud's, let's try to
> start having people show up to paint.  There are
> normally extra
> paint/paintbrushes if needed.  The kingdom can use
> our support.  This
> contest is over, but the need is always there.
> Annabelle
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> Competition at Coronation
> Greetings Ansteorra,
> I would like to announce the results of the
> Scroll/Insignia Competition that
> took place at Coronation yesterday.
> There were over 200 scrolls donated at this
> competition and 54 pieces of
> insignia.  The following were called forward and
> given prizes:
> The Scribal Guild of Stargate for the group who
> donated the most charters
> Lady Simone Ui'Dunlaing for the most charters
> donated by an individual
> H.Ly. Dyan du Lac Calendre for the best insignia by
> an individual
> Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir for the most insignia by an
> individual
> I would like to thank all scribes and artisans for
> the beautiful charters
> and
> insignia donated at this competition.  Also, I would
> also like to thank all
> of
> Ansteorra's scribes and artisans for past, present
> and future donations of
> charters and insignia and send off a "VIVAT" for
> your continued support to
> our
> wonderful kingdom through your inspiration and
> talents.
> In service,
> H.Ly. Ceinwen ferch Rhuel
> Sable Scroll
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