[Namron] Guess what? :o)

Master Tiernan tiernan at angelsfury.net
Thu Jan 16 08:01:21 PST 2003

Ha! Snorri indeed! And just how do you know if I snore or not? ;o)

Actually, it went pretty well, so I may have found who I am (about time
too... imagine going 27 years without knowing who you really are!).

I'll be there Tuesday... it's nice to live 5 minutes away ;o)


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> Seth said:
> >Y'all will never guess what! ;o)
> >
> >
> Wrong.  Guessed it in one.  Welcome back, Seth!  We'll hopefully see you
> at Pop meeting next Tuesday.  Good luck with the job hunt. Good luck
> with the name hunt, too, or else we'll give you a good Norse name, like
> Snorri... :)
> And welcome back, Finnacan.  My, but you must be an educated Irish,
> knowing how to spell your own name and all...
> Ulf
> (I can even carve mine in skulls, or soft cheese, or...)
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