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Christian House/Jaedyn gatormate2001 at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 06:32:44 PDT 2003

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Ok Haldor Ill try to make it and if I cannot Ill send a few of my guys up for me. You know us Vikings, busy pillaging and burning..so much sacking :P  Anyway.. I now have the Luke Fish song burned into eternal memory and aside from all of that all I can think of when I hear the words "inner city conflict" is Monty Pythons "Crimson Assurance" short film.  There are many bad viking terms I could use to sum it up but I think Ill just avoid that sort of silly rubbish as its just not very viking of us. Hrafln Leidolf my second in command wants to go pillage the burger king now so im leavin. Pillage before you burn, Jaedyn

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