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Fri May 9 09:37:56 PDT 2003

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I was worried about you guys.  I am glad to hear the everyone is safe at your
house.  I know you hate tornados, I thought of you often last night.  I'm just
glad that you guys weren't hit.

Another update is that Bianca's (Sjonna) family is okay.  The tornado was very
close to them as well.  But everyone is fine in their household.

This could have been so much worse, we are all very lucky.

Hugs to all :)

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>Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:03:27 -0700 (PDT)
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>We're ok. THis is the second near miss in a month. The place is a mess again.
Tree leaves and branches, shingles, insulation, 2 x 4's etc everywhere. Looks
like a yellow cotton candy machine exploded in the front yard. Again. It
missed us by about a 1/3 of a mile. We live just the other side of a hill,
just south of Reno on Choctaw Road. It crossed Choctaw Road between us and the
bottom of the hill. Couldnt go anywhere, police et al everywhere. Physically
we're ok. I have learned that you can say the entire rosary in 5 minutes flat.
Mentally I'm not so good. Tornados are my worst nightmare, have been all my
life. I have a bad case of teflon brain at the moment. I am grateful to be
alive, well and plumb worn smooth. Could use some help cleaning up
>Lee McGoodwin wrote:Finally, I'm home!!! :)
>After being in the car 2 1/2 hours last night without
>success getting to my house in SE Moore, I ended up
>staying in Norman with Lady Rane and Malcolm. I had
>gotten within a mile and the police wouldn't let
>anyone through.
>My house is untouched though it seems the tornado
>started very close to my neighborhood. I don't know
>how long the power was off in my area, but it was on
>and had been for quite a while when I got here this
>I'm glad to be home and very happy all is well. Star,
>my cat, is very glad to see me. I'm going in to work
>at noon... whew!!! Strange days.
>--- Bella wrote:
> > I'm doing ok, the sirens went off just after I
> > picked up Juliana, had deep communion with the Gods
> > all the way home. Got home safe and it never came
> > near us. Just had us all pretty spooked. Bella
> >
> > Anthony Sierer wrote:ok,
> > just wanted to let everyone know that we are ok.
> > Tony
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