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Tue May 13 06:36:27 PDT 2003

I was a student at OU in the mid '80s. There is indeed more than a bit
of walking required to get around campus.

My first year most all of my classes were in the same two buildings.
Those two buildings were very close to one another. My sophomore and
junior years required the most walking, as my classes were scattered
all over the campus. My senior year, nearly all of my classes were in
one building – the College of Business Administration building.

My senior year at OU is when my arthritis showed up, and I spend that
year walking with a cane. Get some very good walking shoes, and when
possible, schedule classes with an hour or two gap between them. That
way, there is more time to get from place to place, or to sit in the
lobby of a building and study between classes.

I would also suggest she carrying only what is absolutely needed in her
backpack. Most of my current students at OKCCC carry way too much junk
around all of the time. That said, I carry a backpack with 15 lbs. of
computer equipment with me every day ; )

Hope this info is of some help.

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 12:18 AM, Susan O'Neal wrote:

> Couple questions for you all.  Kit is planning on going to OU, her
> love for
> Namron is keeping her from looking much otherwise.  Anyways, my
> question
> has to do with the campus, for those of you who went to school
> there-how
> far did you end up walking daily for classes?
> Kit ended up with stress fractures on both ankles from her walking at
> Crown.  We finally have her walking heal toe and now this on her first
> day
> she has actually walked much.  Just wanting to get an idea for what we
> need
> to get her worked up to before she heads to college in a couple years.
> Thanks all and we will miss you at Beltane,
> Susan
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