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I thought at first about getting Kit one of those electric scooter things.
On second thought, however, she'd find a way to power it with tater peels
and milk jugs and she'd instantly become a menace.  Maybe good walking shoes
are the best idea after all. :}

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> Couple questions for you all.  Kit is planning on going to OU, her love
> Namron is keeping her from looking much otherwise.  Anyways, my question
> has to do with the campus, for those of you who went to school there-how
> far did you end up walking daily for classes?
> Kit ended up with stress fractures on both ankles from her walking at
> Crown.  We finally have her walking heal toe and now this on her first day
> she has actually walked much.  Just wanting to get an idea for what we
> to get her worked up to before she heads to college in a couple years.
> Thanks all and we will miss you at Beltane,
> Susan
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