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Linda Short lc_otter at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 07:25:50 PDT 2003

--- GCOM <gcom at po.okccc.edu> wrote:
> Barat here.
> I regret that I have no yet found a good recipe
> for homemade root beer.
> You can find flavor extracts as some larger
> grocery stores, and at
> nearly all brew shops for making your own soft
> drinks. The require the
> addition of water and cane sugar. To carbonate,
> you have two choices:
> 1. add a bit of yeast and bottle the way you
> would home brewed beer, or
> 2. force carbonate using a CO2 system. Of the
> two, the second method is
> much more pleasing. Adding yeast and bottling
> can often produce glass
> bombs, filled with a yeasty, sticky, vaguely
> root beer tasting drink.

not to mention a yeasty tasting root beer.
My mom used to brew root beer in the 'fridge. She
used to use 2 ltr plastic soda bottles. Neither
my sisters nor I would touch the root beer. Mom
finally quit brewing it when she realized she was
getting a buzz. *grin*


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