[Namron] An Outlander speaks out from the the wild forests and plains many miles east of the Barony of Namron

Travis Levi awebsite4u at compworldnet.com
Fri May 16 11:58:06 PDT 2003

May you be overladen with blessings...

As a outlander ( way out in the sticks from the
general populace in the great city of Norman )
 I want to mention I am new to this mailing list.
I have enjoyed your  messages immensely
since I do not get the monthly Barony of Namron
newsletter. (Just the Kingdom's)  From your messages
I can piece bits of information together to grasp
a whole picture.

I am looking forward to attending Beltaine...this Saturday .
I will not be doing my usual work as food purveyer.

This probably has some minds clicking now, who I be.

I be the one who sells good food, otherwise
known as the pita mon or YUL.

I got to attend Crown on my birthday and took
photos.  They are on my new web site.
At this time the site is NOT "perfectly ready" for exposure
by the general populace.  I have also gotten hate
mail for advertising the web sites I design
in other mail groups so I am reluctant now
to add a link.

If several of you affirm it is okay then I will grow furthur
  bold and write again and copy and paste in the link.

If not.... I leave it to the search engines.

YUL mac Burne
merchant running  the White Cottage Tavern

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