[Namron] the Beltane Event

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Gimli Svansson won the titled archery,NYx of oddstead won the bardic,magnus
strongaxe won the hammer and rock throws,,,vladimir of namron won the caber
toss,alexandra won all three for the women.i dont remeber the kids names
that one,,nor do i remember the spang toss winners,,,,
   owen stott got the sable crane,,,,thee were several AoA's
granted,,,,,here are the ones i remember:
   Kajira the Dancer
   Jorunn Gunnarssdottir
   Brigett Gunnarssdottir
   Duncan MacNamara
   Fayidah binte Asam al Jawhar
   Brom Jotunkin(who wasnt there,,neener neener)
   Vladimir of Namron

   Two were given the torsad(sp?) of Namron:
    Lord Isaac Bain
    Lord Halldor Grimmsson

and unfortunately i ahev forgotten the others.......and for that i

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>The only person i know the name of that won something
>was the archery title winner, Gimli Svonson(sp?) of
>Elfsea.  I cannot remember the names of the others.
>Of course...that might be because so many of these
>names are hard enough to pronounce...let alone
>--- Susan O'Neal <catmafia at swbell.net> wrote:
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> >
> > Other Beltane question, I heard lots of awards were
> > given out...
> >
> > Who all got them,
> > Susan
> >
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