[Namron] the Beltane Event/Warlord plans

Lisette Holderman the_one_and_only_wicachu at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 09:22:04 PDT 2003

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I am sorry I missed court. ( Yes you actually heard me say that.)  Would have loved to see some of those folks get theirs. I mean get their -awards-. Hang on, lemme go fetch my best innocent look.
       For what part of the event I was able to be there, I had a lovely time. My compliments to those behind the scenes indeed.

Who all is going to Warlord?? I can go! My boss loves me! I got the entire Memorial Day weekend off, unheard of at a Hancocks. So I should be there late Friday night, say from 11-1 am. Leaving Monday. I can bring food, but my camp stove is somewhere in the garage. For those of you who have SEEN the garage and lived to tell about it... you'll know how hopeless a case it seems to be. Anyone going I can camp near and/or hang out with?
PS - I have about 4 childrens tunics I can pass on. Conner grew...just a bit this winter. They would be about a -long- childrens size 8-10. Basic t tunics, nothing fancy. Holler at me if you know someone who can use them.


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