[Namron] Word about Beltain & popmeeting

dottie green themagicsorceres at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 01:45:43 PDT 2003

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this is Moura,
 just want to know how many of you beleive we had a ufo on saturday night? Cause to let you all know Ace looked for a  string he know it was just a Bolloon with those Flashing lights that blinks and stuffed into the ballonand he was Looking for the string with a Flashlight and i found it in the dark and made it move around but the colprate that put the ballon up there was not me, really, But I wont tell, but you all must admit it was funny if you really beleived it was indeed a Ufo I am still laughing and And to Princess Pookey I'M still Lauphing You made a Great Princess Pookey! Allso thank you for Cigerette's I do apriciate your kindness If your at Steppes I'll see you there and I'll Share some of my Mead { GOOD STUFF!} with you.
 Allso I'm Sorry I missed pop meeting tonight but i had to work to make money for my trip to go to Steppes!
By the way Congratulation's to All that got awards
at belltain!
Moura McCullaugh

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