[Namron] Free to Good Home

kassia@cox.net kassia at cox.net
Fri May 23 11:57:55 PDT 2003

Hi Everyone,

So sorry we missed Beltain, Shyloh's medicine had caused tack-a-cardia with her heart, so we had to switch back to the one that was less effective and she was hurting.

I am still slowly weeding out the house. We recently purchased a new washer and dryer. The old ones still work and if you feel like tinkering the washer will eventually need a new dial, one section of the "clickers" get stuck from time to time and the dryer will eventually need a new heating coil as it only dries small loads in one cycle anymore. With kids still at home I wash quite alot each week so we got new. Oh, both are 10 years old. The washer is a kenmore the dryer a whirlpool and I still have their books. My only requirement is that you be willing to come and pick them up. If no one is interested they will most likely end up in the scrap heap.

You can call me at 366-1887 until Saturday night, then you will have to wait until Thursday to contact me as we are leaving for our 25th wedding anniversary on Sunday :) I will be out running errands until about 5:30 pm this afternoon, you can reach me after that.

Have A Great Weekend!


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