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> Well I guess since I am the chronicler (right
> now) I better answer this question.
> the " offical" title is The Namron Plume
> the monthly newsletter is avalable at the first
> of the month populace meetings (and the second
> meeting of the month if I have any left or
> remember to bring them)
> as one of the disclaimers reads
> The views, thoughts and options expressed here
> by Ann of Flanders do not necessarily reflect
> the options of the SCA, Barony of Namron, The
> Baron and Baroness, Officers of the Barony,
> Anyone, living ,dead or Fictionalized in the
> Barony or the known world, or the staff and
> management of the Plume. No birds, heralds or
> household appliances where harmed in the making
> of this column.
> "Space provided by the Save the Naughas
> Foundation"

Is the Naughas almost extinct?
I haven't seen many things lately made from
naugha hide.


  A kind word need not cost much,
The price of praise can be cheap:
With half a loaf and an empty cup
    I found myself a friend.

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