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Fri May 30 09:29:35 PDT 2003

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Well DUH of course thats ok. Would love to see you. And I'm not an expert. But I am really good at problem solving :)

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I may be swing by on Sunday too, if that's okay. I need to repair a dress and
I might need your EXPERT guidence to do it.

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>Neither :) The exit swings you about 180 degrees. Turning right takes you
north. Left takes you south back to Norman.
>"HL. Grimhun" wrote:"Take the very first exit off of forty, which is Choctaw
road. Hang a right
>and head north"?
>Hang a right and head south or do you mean Hang a left and head north?
>Grimmie :-)
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>Directions to beauxs place:
>from norman take either Sooner or I 35 to 240. Head east, follow it alll the
>way till it merges with 40.
>Take the very first exit off of forty, which is Choctaw road. Hang a right
>and head north. Go through about 4 stop signs. I live between SE 15th and
>Reno on Pheasant Run, which is a right hand turn. it's just past the top of
>a hill. Dont fret if you miss it, just turn around in one of the parking
>lots at Reno and then make the -first- left you can headed back up the hill.
>The house is about 3/4 of the way down the road. The number is 15356. Its a
>dark red brick house with a light grey roof, a rusted out blue suburban and
>my van out front.
>As for food, kid food is good. ANything we can grill is good. Rabbit food is
>good. ANything is good! Just lemme know so I can plan accordingly :)
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