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bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 4 06:42:19 PST 2003

good news!!! i just checked the kingdom calendar and it seems that skarrgard 
has been given an event date of feb 27-29.so far the only event going on 
that weekend is bjornsburg's spring court.
  sooooo,,,,,,,all you canton members,we need to decide what we are doing 
atthe next pop meeting as we need to have an announcement to the kingdom 
chronicler by dec 01 to get our event announced in the january black star.as 
a result of this requirement i would ask that we hold all business except 
event planning for our december populace meeting as we have only a few vague 
ideas so far for a tourney.our next polulace meeting is on nov 16.that gives 
us 14 days to get the announcement done and mailed.perhaps less due to 
mailing time for snail mail.
        thing to mull over before the populace meeting:
1:The Axeman Cometh,several of us bounced the idea around for an axes only 
tourney.any other ideas?
2:we talked about doing a fort battle with our fighters and a few we can 
hire,against namron's warrior's as a test of our skill at holding the fort 
and being able to protect their eastern border.
3: Hatur and Ara have volunteered to run a tavern in lieu of a feast,,i like 
this idea and b4 we had an autocrat i gave them the ok for that as we 
discussed at october's pop meeting.so that one is done.
4: do we want a bardic competition?
5:do we want a thrown weapons champion?
6: do we want an archery champion?
7: will there be passdown prizes for each of the winners and what will they 
8: if there are prizes,who will make/donate them?
9: the heavy champion: my Lady and i have decided to purchase a bearded axe 
with a wing-like blade for the heavy champion as a pass down for sure.that 
axe was decided on because we have wings in our proposed device.there are 
others that have been discussed in ADDITION to the axe,but we will let hatur 
explain that one,,lol
   just some ideas to mull over and see what ya come up with.but i cant 
stress how important it is that we get an event announcement prepared and 
all the things above decided on at the next populace meeting.this is one we 
cant sit on anymore,time to work,,lol
                                          Lord Halldor the Mad Jester
                                          Seneschal of the Incipient Canton 
of Skarrgard

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