[Namron] Skarrgard Populace Meeting

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 11 18:46:58 PST 2003

Greetings All,
   just an email reminder of our first official A&S meeting,and our populace 
meeting for November.
   Our A&S meeting will be Sunday,November 16th,at 4:30 pm at double dave's 
pizza.subject is cordialling 101.For those of you that like sweet drinks and 
would like to learn to make them,this is the place to be on that 
day/time.but also be aware,a LOT of people like cordials and trhey can make 
your camp a very popular one,,lol...
  Our November populace meeting will be at 7pm to start promptly this time 
as we have a LOT of things that need to be decided at this meeting.So if you 
plan to eat,as agreed to by the manager and Laird Gaelon(our pizza place 
meeting place liaison),we need to show up at 6:30 or later to give them time 
to catch up with we pizza eating fools,,lol..but at 7pm or very very shortly 
thereafter we need to get the meeting started because we have to decide a 
lot of stuff for our first event.so we can get the announcement in the 
blackstar for january.in order to do that we MUST have our event 
announcement to the kingdom chronicler no later than 01DEC.if we miss the 
01DEC deadline,we pay a 50 dollar late fee,and have no guarantee to have the 
announcement in the blackstar.so it is imperative we get that in to him in 
time,,,,,and with that,i'll leave you to your day,,and may it be a great 
                                                Lord Halldor the Mad Jester
                                               Seneschal of the Incipient 
Canton of Skarrgard(name/device pending)

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