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Geee, I dunno -- I think I may have to sample the menu before we decide on 

Sounds Yummy


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I would like to make a bid for doing the May Pole and the Tea for Beltane.  
I have the design for three maypoles and dances the Barber's Pole, Single 
Braid, and Spider's Web.  For the tea I would serve roast beef and 
caramelized onions with horseradish cream cheese, smoked turkey and avocado 
with black-bean spread, shrimp salad and sprouts; bacon-and-egg salad, 
mozzarella and prosciutto with pesto butter, smoked duck and watercress with 
chutney butter; baby asparagus with egg-yolk butter, bacon and arugula with 
mushroom butter, carrots with herbed cream cheese; smoked salmon and dill 
with lemon-caper butter, sliced pears with Roquefort butter, curried chicken 
thank you,

Kathryn Gordon
Lady Kathryn atte Gordon
lyra at sbcglobal.net
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