[Namron] Is anyone going to Bonwicke's 12th Night?

Susan O'Neal catmafia at direcway.com
Wed Nov 19 13:52:42 PST 2003

They are having a high persona event that Ekaterina is drewling over and 
I'm woring to see if anyone might be going to it that she could go 
with.  It will have a 'Grand High Style' tounament in which the fighters 
will need a letter of intent, a consort, and they must hire the services of 
a herald.  They need the list of heralds who will be there in advance, for 
the fighters to contact and she would love to do this-I think her last 
couple crowns have convinced her this is one of her favorite Heraldic 
things after onamastics.

Please contact me offlist if you may be going,

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