[Namron] Skarrgard's pop meeting stuff

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 19:12:10 PST 2003

  Greetings All,
  Skarrgard's last pop meeting has come and gone, and me,being stoopidly 
blond and senile,forgot to post a note to let ya know what went on,,lol,,
  Firstly,we decided on our event announcement.all done except for some 
things i need to do as far as paperwork with barat. We decided we'd rather 
do a few things really well,rather than a lot half-assed.So we are having a 
chivalric and rapier tourney to decide our premier champions for that. both 
styles will have a war practice as well. We decided to have an archery 
champion as well depending on interest and how the weather affects the bow 
strings. and last and certainly not least,we will be having a premier bardic 
championship as well.So alla that will be in the blackstar type 
  We also came up with a date for site preparation as well.So we are having 
a site prep/clean-up/revel type thingie.Garb is optional...i wont be wearing 
garb due to the work we need to do and garb just dont wuite 
mesh,,lol,,,anyway,,it will saturday december 13th...i will have to check 
and see if we can camp out friday and saturday nights,,i plan to be there 
friday night if that is possible......can't think of much else to add other 
than we need hammers and rakes and arms to use them,,,lol,,,
                                In Service to the NIGHTMAR,,,,er DREAM!!! 
YES THAT'S IT!!! the DREAM!!!!
                                                               Lord Halldor 
the Mad Jester
P.S.Barat i need ya to look in the plume and give me a call as soon as you 
can...no time restrictions as i know you have a pretty hectic schedule

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