[Namron] Stuff for the plume is past due.

Estencele Pursuivant of Ansteorra estencele at ansteorra.org
Wed Nov 26 15:05:57 PST 2003

A stick figure of me?  Perish the thought.  This belly requires much ink for proper characterization.  (Um, Thanksgiving is coming... you'd best the bargain sized "gallon O'ink".)

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  Greetings Namron (or the parts of Namron on this list)

   The 25th has come and gone. I really do need officer reports (or notes). Some artwork would be nice. Please send or contact me before Monday.

  (who is trying to decided between the stick figure cover of Ulfy or the stick figure cover of Cluck)

  Lozengy,argent and vert,a dexter tierce indented azure.

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