[Namron] New address for our web site

Morgan & Ariane morganariane at cox.net
Sun Nov 30 17:51:08 PST 2003

Greeting to all,

We wanted everyone to know that we have changed the locaton of the Courtly
Dance web site. In case you have book marked it, the new address is:


The Weisenfeuer's web site has the correct address for us too.

We also wanted to remind everyone that the Renaissance Courtly Dance Class
meets every Tuesday at the Bethany YMCA from 7pm to 9pm (see the link above
for directions). From Italian and French to English we cover all forms of
courtly and country dances of the late Renaissance (15-17th c.) and SCA

This Tuesday we will be going over some of the dances that we are doing at
Yule Revel. A list of dances is on the Schedual link on the dance site.
"Waites and Measures" will be playing for dance at this event (dancing
starts around 2pm, SCA time). So if you want to get a head start then come
out and join us. Bringing a partner is not required and we dance in our
mundane clothes (NAKED!).


Morgan & Ariane

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