[Namron] Skarrgard's First Demo

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 21 08:14:50 PDT 2003

    Skarrgard's first demo has come and gone without major incident.We had 
12 chivalric fighters attend,10 with complete armor.I do believe the people 
of stratford got quite a show.We had our baron show up as well.
  We had quite a few ladies show up to man the tent as well as this big 
brown rock that called itself owen that took care of answering questions 
about who we are and what we do.We also had a decent arts and sciences 
display under our pavillion as well.As well as a mail crafter (thanks 
steve)that worked all day to allow people to see how mail was constructed.
   There are a few people that deserve special thanks for the hard work they 
did for us at the fair.First,Lady Agnes,thank you for taking charge of the 
pavillion and it's set up.Annabelle thank you for also taking charge of the 
pavillion set up.Aonghas for pounding away at stakes all day,,lol..
             Lord Wilhelm von Winkleried(sp?) thanks for taking over the 
field and making the melee scenarios more interesting for the fighters.
    Ottakar,thank you for the long drive and bringing all the people with 
you that you did.4 hours is a looooong drive to attend someone else's demo 
and it was very much appreciated along with the knife axe and spear throwing 
   Lady Annabelle,thank you for the very wonderful treat of home baked 
rye,white and wheat breads.i must admit that was quite an unexpected treat 
for me.
  And last but CERTAINLY not least,Lady Maeve of Namron.Thank you for 
hauling the pavillion and list field to and from the demo.without you it 
most certainly would have been a very very hot day indeed  for us.(by the 
way ulfie,maeve works her butt off all the time for our group,just in case 
ya didnt notice,,lol)
  And one other person that i dont know their name,who ever brought the big 
water jug for the people of our group.Would have been a very dry thirsty day 
without you.
   AS i left the demo i talked to mike(the king) and he said they were able 
to raise about 1300 dollars for the school.I am sure that will help them out 
a bit.
         once again a hearty thank you and VIVAT!! for all of you that came 
out and worked this demo and made it a success.If any one wasnt thanked for 
something special that fault is mine as i am blond and senile ya know,,lol..
        Once again the people of Namron(including those of skarrgard) have 
given a glimpse of the dream to people that otherwise might not have had the 
privilege of our dream.And hopefully some of them took away a sense that 
there is a better world than the one we live in from day to day.
   I give you a heartfelt thank you for all that you have done this 
weekend,as well as throughtout the year to keep our dream alive.........
                  WELL DONE FOLKS!!!
                            Lord Halldor the Mad Jester

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