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Indeed, Barat speaks true when he says it smells wonderful.  The smells of
boiling and fermenting honey are the primary reason I encourage my Duncan
Beag to start the HBBVM Brewing Extension at our house. It must be good if I
want loud men* making messes in my kitchen!  :)


*Constance isn't loud.  :P
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  To the experienced brewers in the barony I ask this question before I
start my first batch,

  I found the new brew shop in Norman by accident and had some money to
burn. It is next to the Red Horse Cafe on West Main.

  Does fermenting honey smell? How Bad? I don't want to have to throw away
clothing or tear out carpet if I can avoid it.
  If you have an overly excited ferment and it blows out through the airlock
are we talking simply overflow down the sides of the jug or energetic
expulsion across all available surfaces? I am trying to determine the best
place to set up my fermentation area and what kind of containment it will
need to minimize disasters.
  I'm an old boy scout and like to be prepared.

  Thanks Barat for your extensive article on brewing. It answered all my
questions but the above.

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