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isabeaux de narbonne the_one_and_only_wicachu at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 7 18:13:42 PST 2004

Hi guys, tis the Beaux. I spent this week over at the NW expressway store doing inventory. I found out that one of the managers who moved into this district this fall is a weaver and is skilled in natural dyes. She would like to get a drop spindle to learn how to spin.  Does anyone have a spare one she could use? This lady is a darling and would be a VERY good person to "get on our side". 
   And no I dont know where I'm going yet. The district manager "has a spot for me" , but refuses to even HINT as to where it might be. The general consensus is that it would have to be out of the metro, but again, no one knows. As Hancocks is one giant rumor mill, I can understand her decision to stay quiet... Doesnt  mean I LIKE it! As for time frame, mid to late Feb. is begining to firm up as when I'll be getting a store. 
    I hope everyone is doing well? I'm working a mere 45- 50 hours a week now. Life is  good. Talk to everyone later!

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