[Namron] Arrows, anyone?

Epperson, Sheryl EppersS at oge.com
Thu Jan 8 09:08:12 PST 2004

Ulf has said that he would do a class on making arrows.  We'll need to
find a time and place.
I'I"ll check into definite pricing for supplies and let everyone know.
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	I would like 3 dozen if you promise to teach me how to make them
I have no clue.
	Lady Maeve
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	Let me know if you're interested in joining in a bulk order for
arrow making supplies (wood shafts, fletchings, etc.).  So far I've only
had 1 person tell me that they definitely want to purchase, that plus
for the two of us is only 3 dozen arrows.  Most of the places I've
checked give a price break for 8 dozen or more. Rought figuring (until I
know for sure how much I'm buying and decide for sure where) they will
cost approximately $2 per arrow for all the supplies. While I'd like to
learn to make arrows, if there isn't more interest than that, I'll
probably postpone the class until there is interest.
	Let me know if you're interested.
	Archery marshall
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