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Hmmmm... let's see...

adj 1: conforming with or constituting a norm or standard or level or type
or social norm; not abnormal;


If Deenie being "normal" means she sets her own type of social norm, then
yep she's "normal" alright.  But I'm not aware of any other social norm that
involves flaming giraffes, body piercing, a bubbly personality, a college
education, a primary hobby that includes spending weekends in the woods with
large hairy men, and a penchant for clean-cut, tame, sober nice-guys.

Sorry Deenapoo, just because you're good at foolin' the mundanes doesn't
mean your normal.  :)  But I do think we should form a research group to
study social norms within the SCA.  Can you imagine the documentary?  "Here
we see specimen "Ulfie", a nordic persona and the baron of Namron, in his
natural habitat.  Usually he is a cave-dweller, but we're about to witness
his role in a rare social event that seems to involve ritualistic fighting,
gift-giving, and consuming inebriating beverages.  This only happens twice a

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  For those of you who didnt believe it, or thougt you read it wrong, that
was ADENA and NORMAL in the same sentance ( with no AB-  prefix!!)

  I told you all!!!


  Thanks Ravon!
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