[Namron] New members

DEAJAVU@aol.com DEAJAVU at aol.com
Sat Jan 10 15:59:19 PST 2004

WELCOME! I would just like to say welcome, and IM sorry for your getting 
mixed up in this bunch! no, IM kidding! IM glad that there is a new face in the 
populus, the other ones were getting SO OLD! (please don't kill me). A few rules 
in the barony, 
1. Adena is always at fault. Always blame her. I know that I do.
2. The scheneshal is wrong, the bribes go to me, then he might get some of 
3. I am always right, except when matters pertaining to adena, then IM wrong. 
4. This group likes to drink. 

Yea. That's about it, IM sure that you will fit right it!

Lady Kyna Terricsdottir
Namron, Ansteorra
Deajavu at aol.com
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