[Namron] The Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Mazers, and Vintners

Matt Reynolds woof231 at cox.net
Sat Jan 10 20:36:27 PST 2004

Dear Dorky Wench,

The Brotherhood of Boogerflickers, Mooners, and Virginal Deflowerers would
be pleased to see the USIW representatives performing their usual lap
dances, table dances, and synchronized upchucking.

We considered the honorary position of Supreme Quaffer, but decided that
there were too many qualified applicants (USIW providing most of them) to
select just one.  So we chose to forget the whole thing and do another set
of flaming mead shots.

And there was much rejoicing.
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  I'm sure the Disreputable Brotherhood of Drinkers, Quaffers, and Beggars
will be there in full force!

  Eh, Cellach?  Wilhelm?

  BTW, have you elected a Supreme Quaffer yet?

  The Unorganized Society of Independent Wenches will send delegates for our
own entertainment.

      -the dorky wench
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    The Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Mazers, and Vintners invites one
and all to The Axeman Cometh by the Incipient Canton of Skarrgard, February

    We're not really involved with the event or anything, we're just bring a
lot of home brew. See you there.

    Barony of Namron
    Kingdom of Ansteorra
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