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Matthias, I know this is hard, but stop chewing the hops and *please* try to
keep things straight!

Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners, and Mazers :  They do the

Disreputable Brotherhood of Drinkers, Quaffers, and Beggars:  They do the

Unorganized Society of Independent Wenches:  They do whatever the *bleep*
they want to.
This usually does not include upchucking, and lap or table dances are by
invitation only.  Doesn't look like you'll receive any of those any time

The Unorganized Society of Independent Wenches has an august tradition,
began and perpetuated by their Most Independent and Bodacious Excellencies
past and Present!

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The first word being Unorganized implies that there is no way to join.  Just
show up and flash your breasticles like the rest of the USIW.  You'll fit
right in.

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