[Namron] The Grand Bru begins....

Matt Reynolds woof231 at cox.net
Sun Jan 11 14:04:47 PST 2004


As discussed at Populous, the Grand Bru (yes, the name was changed they
won't let me calling it the Brewing Orgy any more) was discussed quite
thoroughly, and as announced will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, January 17.
Barat will be brewing a British Brown, and Donnchaidh (I think that is
spelled right) will be brewing a Red.  Each batch will be 5 gallons.

I will be maintaining all scheduling and planning for the Grand Bru, so if
anyone has any questions or requests, please contact me.

The purpose of the first day is to start brewing for events the Guild will
be attending and providing beer BEFORE Ansteorra's 25th.  The Guild fully
intends to support all events it normally attends, in addition to the Grand
Bru.  Those events may include (and are not limited to):

1/30 to 2/1		Kingdom A&S
2/20 to 2/22	Academy of the Swords and Warcollege
2/27 to 2/29	Axman Cometh
3/15 to 3/21	Gulf Wars
4/2 to 4/4		Med Faire (we'll be there, but we won't bring any actual
4/24			Wedding of Genevieve (you may remember has as Jenn.  a personal
event, but one which may be attended by 			others of the Barony)
4/30 to 5/2		Crown Tourney
5/21 to 5/23	Eldern XVI
5/28 to 5/31	Steppes Warlord (Memorial Day weekend.  We may have a brew day
(or two) on this weekend.  That much time is 			hard to pass up.)
6/4 to 6/6		Northkeep Castellan
6/18 to 6/20	King's College
7/4			Independance Day (mundane event best spent either with or avoiding
family.  If the latter, we can still put 			you to work).
7/9 to 7/11		Ansteorran 25th and Coronation

These are all events that have sparked some interested in either Barat or
myself, so they are on the schedule.

If anyone would like to add events or request booze from the Guild, let me
know as soon as possible.  The earlier we hear of it, the better the chances
of our supporting it.

And if ANYONE knows the date for Beltane, please let me know and I'll add
it.  I asked our Baron last week, but haven't heard back from him yet.

Our plan for January and February are as follows:

1/17			Brew Day
1/24			Brew Day
1/31			Kingdom A&S
2/7			Brew Day
2/14			Brew Day (yes, it’s Valentine’s Day.  But we’ll still be doing some
brewing.  How’s that for dedication?)
2/20 to 2/22	Academy of the Sword and Warcollege
2/27 to 2/29	Axman Cometh

In addition, we need some help on 1/17.  We need a few people to clean and
sort bottles.  If you have consumed some of our product, a good way to pay
us back is to come and help clean/sort bottles.  This may seem trivial, but
we need to bottle some of our meads to open up carboys for beer.  I’ve even
heard rumors that foodstuffs may be provided by several ladies of the

Barat, Donnchaidh and myself will start brewing at 9 AM (and don’t show up
early, because Barat is grumpier than normal early in the morning.)

Once again, let me know if you have any input to our plans.

Matthias the Brewer

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