[Namron] The Grand Bru begins....

Susan Campbell arspudsmom at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 13 21:33:27 PST 2004

But Cellech - All you need to do is ask Ace for the boobies, last we saw them he had possession of them! 

And sorry to disappoint any one of the brother hood of brewers, beer bitches and ect... I will not be able to attend as it looks for the grand bru ha ha s.... Barat dear, knows that My time is money and he has all of it! (lol) ( money that is) I have much of my own to get done for kingdom a & s ( ok so this is a shameless plug for anyone wanting to comment on my bread at my display at kingdom A and S) Bread?? Why yes, I said bread. You've eaten it at yule, you have had it at Barats.. its going to be at Kingdom A and S... Come taste and comment!!

Lady Susannah Blackthorne...AOA APF

Apprenticed to Mistress Roz

And yes this was a shameless plug for you to all come eat you are looking thin, not to mention; bribes?? I need no stinking bribes, just come and give me your money... oops did I say that. Its just been one of those days



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