[Namron] Birthday Revel for Fayidah

bobby harlow ironstorm34 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 15 22:18:02 PST 2004

  Greetings All,(heh heh,ESPECIALLY CORDIALLY invited is that brewing 
  We invite you to Fayidah's Brithday Revel on the weekend of January 
23,24,and 25.
  We will be having a potluck style feast.My Lady and I will serve a hearty 
but simple fare of norse style food.Translated into english,some kind of 
stew,,lol..more than likely beef.we ask that you bring a dish to feed at 
least 4 people to make sure everyone gets full.Revel is BYOB as we are very 
   There will be limited indoor crash space for those with smalls and with 
cold-related health problems.If you intend to bring smalls we ask that you 
RSVP so I know how much stuff i need to re-arrange to accommodate 
you.Everyone else,pack your cold weather stuff and show up!!,,lol..Be sure 
to bring chairs as we have only a few that are serviceable.
      For the activities:We will be having a bardic contest,A chivalric 
tourney,and depending on interest/participants,a rapier style tourney as 
      For prizes:We found this wonderful two toned green and yellow 
trim,really great stuff!!The winner of each contest will recieve 12 FEET of 
said trim.Sooooooooooo,if you win all three you get 36 feet.The chivalric 
and rapier tourneys weapons styles for the fighters will be chosen by their 
lord/lady or a lord/lady they choose from the crowd.The Bardic will be 
bard's choice,no theme.
if we can get some drummers and dancers,it is possible we may have a 
hafla(sp?).Hmm,,cold weather,rather well-endowed women dancing in skimpy 
costumes???? Sounds like heaven to me!!!!We do have a tavern for those of 
you that wish to get out of the weather for a bit.we even have a 
wood-burning stove in the tavern.we also have three chess boards there for 
those of you that play.And more than likely if HL Svan Coldbrow Skaldsson 
shows up,there POSSIBLY will be gambling with dice as well.
  Now on to the rules: NO UNDERAGE DRINKING!!!!!No leaving site unless you 
are sober or have a sober designated driver as the police out here are 
notoriously hard on drinking and driving.All trash must be hauled away with 
you unless you want to stick around on sunday and help me burn the burnables 
and haul away the non-burnables.
   You are more than welcome to camp both friday and saturday nights.And yes 
Willy,I have a biggo dead tree that needs sacrificed and has your name on 
it(i saw it,and if you bring a saw,,YOU can saw it,,AND BURN IT!!lol).I do 
believe it is about 30 feet tall and has 2-3 large forks in it.Trunk is 
about 2ft across.Think the Gods will notice us again?(hint!hint!challenge 
    Directions:From Weisenfeuer:Take I-40 east to exit 172.that will be 
Harrah-Newalla Road.Go south(right) on Harrah-Newalla Road to 119th.Go 
east(left) on 119th approx.4.2 miles to Patterson Road.Go north(left) on 
Patterson to the first trailer house on the left.
                  From Namron:Take HWY 9 east out of norman to 
Harrah-Newalla Road.Go north(Left) on Harrah-Newalla Road to 119th.Go 
east(right) on 119th for approx 4.2 miles to Patterson Road.Turn north(left) 
on Patterson,First trailer house on the left.
   So come on out and get rid of those event withdrawal blues,only costs ya 
gas,booze and food,no site fee at all EVER!!..lol....
                        Lord Halldor the Mad Jester and Sayidah Fayidah

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