[Namron] Grand Bru

Matt Reynolds woof231 at cox.net
Mon Jan 19 17:07:52 PST 2004


The first day of the Grand Bru has come and gone, with mixed results.

The first thing everyone was informed of upon arrival, was the collapse of
the sewer line.  While this was amusing to hear in the form of "Hello, I'm
Barat and this is my brewery by the way my sewer line has collapsed so don't
drink anything", it is going to cause some difficulties for both the owner
(Barat) and the Grand Bru.

Despite this, we did manage to brew two beers.  The first was a British
Brown by the one and only Barat, and the second was a red by Constance.
Both proceeded smoothly, and are planned to appear at Acadamy of the
Sword/Warcollege for general consumption.

As expected, we had new prospective brewers show up (Richard, Roark
Brokenaxe, and Gavin).  Barat was soon in fine form lecturing them on the
function of alpha and beta amylase, starch conversion, and the status of his
sewer line.

We are still working out some details to expedite the Grand Bru, which
requires a few new requests/rules.

First.  I have volunteered (and I currently question my sanity on this
topic) to take care of the logistics of the Grand Bru.  To include schedule,
materials, and the improvement of equipment and processes.  If anyone would
like to brew, please talk to me.  I am going to do my best to keep all of
the brewing equipment in use on brew days, and "drop in" brewers will not
have facilities available for them.

Second.  This is going to be a significant effort for the principles
involved.  To try and minimize the number of nights we will brewing after
dark, please be ready to start brewing NO LATER THAN 10:00 AM.  (9:00 AM
preferred)  This will allow Barat to have at least a little time to recover
from brewing in the evening.  (And remember, if he's in a good mood, he
might let us in the hot tub.)  If the brewing equipment is not in use at
10:00, I plan to make use of present brewers to start batches.  So if you
show up at 10:30, and someone is using the equipment "reserved" for you,
don't be surprised.

Third.  Barat is going to be doing two things at these events.  Brewing and
teaching.  I intend to keep him focused on those two things once we start

We didn't get much done with our bottle cleaning or bottling.  OK, we didn't
get ANYTHING done on those two.  Partially because of the sewer line issue
(did I mention that Barat's sewer line collapsed?), and partly because of
cold/wet weather.  I personally didn't think it a very good idea to try and
clean bottles with a hose in the front yard when it is cold and rainy.  And
since no one chose to argue with me, we just ignored the issue.  However,
this means that we are still going to need a couple of volunteers to clean
and sort bottles at the next Bru.

Which brings me to my last topic.  We'll be Bru-ing this Saturday again
(January 24).  Owen and Barat are currently planning to brew.  Owen will be
making a wheat beer, and we'll decide what Barat is making at Populace.
These two beers are planned for the Skargaard event, Ax Man Cometh.  If
anyone from Skargaard has a request for a beer, let me know tomorrow.

By the way, did we hear something about this event changing dates?  I keep
hearing rumors of this, and no one can/will officially confirm/deny them.
On the other hand, I haven't really asked anyone in authority...

Here endeth the summary of the Grand Bru, Day 1.

Vivat BEER!!!

Matthias the Brewer
Senior Pervert
Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners, and Mazers

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