[Namron] norse question

Susan Tillery SuTillery at comcast.net
Wed Jan 21 14:41:30 PST 2004

This is the best I've come up with if you check with the naalbinding 
newslist at yahoo you might find more.

"From the Viking period there are two examples of naalbinding mittens 
from Iceland and some fragments from graves in Finland. There is also a 
panel of gold mesh worked in the technique in a C10 silk from Mammen, 
Denmark, and from further afield, a naalbinding cap from C9-C10 Antinoe, 
Egypt. From Novgorod, there are nine fragments of naalbinding but only 
one of these is C10, the rest being medieval. Most examples of the 
technique from the medieval period come from excavations in Scandinavia, 
Finland, Poland, Russia and from wealthy royal and ecclesiastical tombs 
scattered through Europe. A naalbinding sock was also found from late 
medieval Uppsala, Sweden. The technique is best know from mittens, and 
appears to have been climate-dependent as, apart from Northern Europe, 
it is also widely know in the mountain areas of Central Asia, where it 
is still as common as knitting is here."

bobby harlow wrote:
> i have run in to a problem concerning norse costume,,,,,,,i have been 
> unable to find ANY references to gloves/mittens for 9-10th century 
> norsemen......does anyone have any idea if they would have worn gloves 
> or mittens?i am working really hard at putting together a passable norse 
> costume and have yet to find ANY info on handwear and am getting 
> frustrated as hell with it.so anyone that could help it would be much 
> appreciated before i pull what little hair i have left out,,lol,,,,,
>            Thanks in advance,
>    Halldor the almost bald,,lol
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