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Um, is anyone else disturbed at the thought of our BARON skipping and

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Greetings, one and all.

I have some wonderful news.  They are going to cut me open and remove
the little demons chewing on my spinal cord in my lowest back.  The
physicians have examined me and declared "Something in Latin.  Let's
call it a laminectomy with a frumble-mumble."  I go under the knife on

Please do not send flowers or stuff.  I am going to be face down with
my... err... rowing bench... in the air.  I should be able to come home
after a couple of days, and spend the next couple of weeks either
horizontal or vertical, but not bent.  I will be able to work from home
some as long as I stand or stretch out and rest a lot.

As I have to stay off my rowing bench for a while, I will unable to sit
in a car and therefore unable to attend Royal Huntsman/Kingdom Arts and
Sciences.  I will also miss the workday that Sunday at Skarrgard's site
in Stroud.

My apologies to everyone.  But I am very happy that this is happening,
and with luck I will be skipping and frolicking like a good viking very

Baron Ulf

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