[Namron] Surgery

Cellach Ferguson cellach at breezykilt.com
Thu Jan 22 09:42:40 PST 2004

Ulf, if you skip and/or frolic we shall simply re-break your back.  You may
pillage, plunder, steal and rape, but frolicing is right out... for God's
sake man, you're a viking! Show some.... er, decency.


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> Greetings, one and all.
> I have some wonderful news.  They are going to cut me open and remove
> the little demons chewing on my spinal cord in my lowest back.  The
> physicians have examined me and declared "Something in Latin.  Let's
> call it a laminectomy with a frumble-mumble."  I go under the knife on
> Monday.
> Please do not send flowers or stuff.  I am going to be face down with
> my... err... rowing bench... in the air.  I should be able to come home
> after a couple of days, and spend the next couple of weeks either
> horizontal or vertical, but not bent.  I will be able to work from home
> some as long as I stand or stretch out and rest a lot.
> As I have to stay off my rowing bench for a while, I will unable to sit
> in a car and therefore unable to attend Royal Huntsman/Kingdom Arts and
> Sciences.  I will also miss the workday that Sunday at Skarrgard's site
> in Stroud.
> My apologies to everyone.  But I am very happy that this is happening,
> and with luck I will be skipping and frolicking like a good viking very
> soon.
> Baron Ulf
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