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Perhaps Master Aethelstan is getting old and stuck in his ways, and has
licked a few too many bloated spangs at Beltane.

Don't mind him, we'll give him his medicine and hold his hand while he uses
the website, and try not to let him be a burden to the other baronies.  At
least the new website is fast enough that he'll remember what he was looking
for when the next page loads.

Vivat faster pages!

-Muriel ingen Gille Crist

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Granted, the actual navigation did not change......I just have to deal with
an overly busy page to find them.
I understand the benifit of having the page/s work faster, but I still don't
understand why the look had to change at all.

Master Aethelstan Aethelmearson, OL

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> I have a great answer for you. The navigation did not change and if the
> ansteorra-announce email will get approved for posting it would have
> all that. :)
> Navigation of the pages is identical. Nothing has changed expect how the
> end is working and the look. It is faster now.
> I would appreciate a list of everyone's specific
> suggestions sent to me so that I can compile them all at once. :)
> Chiara
> Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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