[Namron] Wood/Metal/Leatherworking Guild

aelfwyn@coxconnect.net aelfwyn at coxconnect.net
Thu Jan 22 19:32:14 PST 2004

The next meeting of the Wiesenfeur Multiguild will be tomorrow, Friday, January 23, from 7pm to whenever we get tired.  

Location: Aelfwyn & Fluffy's
          316 Rosewood Dr
          Phone - 573-0448

Directions: Take I-35 to the Robinson exit. Go east on Robinson to 24th Street, 
then turn right on 24th (in front of the Albertson's). Go south on 24th to 
Dakota & turn left (there is a bowling alley across from Dakota on 24th). Take 
the first right onto Rosewood & go south until you get to our house (almost at 
the end of the block; can't miss it - there's a big boat in the driveway). If 
you miss Dakota, continue south & turn left onto Crestmont, then left onto 

Call if you need any help with directions.

Take note: no children under 12 will be allowed in the workshop on guild nights (older children are permitted provided their parents are there). Any parents with children wishing to learn woodworking should contact Fluffy to arrange another time for instruction.


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