[Namron] Surgery

Matthias the Brewer matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
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Ulf dancing.  I am reminded of Camelot (the musical)

*Someone character* KNIGHTS?  Picking flowers?

*Arthur in an angry tone* WELL SOMEBODY BLOODY WELL HAS TO DO IT!!!!!

I just keep getting this image of Ulf in a tutu skipping through a field
with a basket (period of course) picking flowers.  Vikings in tutus are NOT
a good image.

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Cellach now called Mud wrote:
> Ulf? Dancing?!?! Oh, for Gawd's sake, Annabelle, I'm trying to eat lunch!

Ulf dances. There was a time that I was the lightest on my feet of the
gentlemen involved in court dancing.  Granted I was up against Titus, a
six foot plus Roman with two left feet, and Aonghus, whose feet never
developed a particular direction.  And there was Stevyn the Bowyer, but
he was treating all as combat training.

But before any of you guys snicker, I got to spend time holding the
hands of the barony's most beautiful women. All the other guys stayed in
camp rerolling duct tape...

> Without skipping as much as a beat, Brixton stated: "Well then, we
> can make him mad by playing the bongos on his butt".

I think Brixton just stopped aging. Or is about to...

...who is about to study the effects of axes on puberty...

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