[Namron] Grand Bru--Problem solved!!

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Tue Jan 27 16:26:25 PST 2004

Hot-tub + dirty bottles = clean bottles

This is a grand idea

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Subject: [Namron] Grand Bru
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 20:17:46 -0600

The second day of the Grand Bru has come and gone.  25 gallons of brew (5
gallons of British Brown, 5 gallons of a different British Brown, and 15
gallons of wheat) was made, and will be available for various events.  I
beleive that 10 gallons of the wheat is going to Gulf Wars, 5 gallons of
wheat for Axman, and I'm not sure about the British Browns.  But I'm sure
they'll show up somewhere.

Our next Grand Bru Day is planned for February 7.  A quick look at our
supply of beer has shown that we don't have any place to put any more beer
until we start doing the beers for 25th.  So our meeting on February 7th
will be a bottling day.  Most likely will be mostly indoors.  However, if
the weather is decent we'd like to get a few people to come help us cleaning
bottles.  We got all of the bottles sorted on Saturday, but too many of the
cases were labled dirty!!!  If weather is bad, please don't worry about
cleaning bottles.  Using a hose, bottle brush, and steel wool in the snow
(or just plain cold weather) is NOT fun.

If the weather is bad, we'll pretty much be indoors.  While Barat has a nice
house, it really isn't big enough for more than about 4 or 5 people working.
(And no, extra people will NOT be allowed to hang out in the hot tub until
the bottling is all done.  So don't even ask.)  So I'm going to ask that if
you're not planning on bottling, please pass on coming to hang out on the

Thanks again for everyone who has come to help in the brewing.  Barat spent
all of Saturday teaching and overseeing the brewing (and generally acting
like he is in charge).  Needless to say, he was quite pleased to be teaching
new brewers.  So far, we've had at least three "new" brewers show up and
start helping out.

Further note.  Anyone wishing to join the Guild should know that we are
planning on having a Guild meeting/gathering at War College.  It should be
more of an organizational meeting.  Feel free to come and meet with all of

Best wishes to our Baron (him commonly known as Ulfiepoo to the Ladies of
the Barony).  Hope all is well with you, and that we soon see you back with
us in high health.

Mathias the Brewer
Senior Pervert
Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers, Vintners, and Mazers

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