[Namron] Grand Bru--Problem solved!!

Linda Short lc_otter at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 23:02:42 PST 2004

--- William FitzBubba <fitzbubba at yahoo.com>
> > Ow
> > What about using a dishwasher?
> > -Maria del Gyldenholt-
> No sewer line.  You can run the dishwasher, but
> the
> dirty water tends to flow all over the floor,
> backs
> out of the toilets, etc.
> Barat is planning to have it fixed soon.

Yes, I realize this. I am speaking of the brewers
each taking a box home and washing them with
their dishwashers.

-Maria del Gyldenholt-

Inn of the Weeping Unicorn

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