[Namron] Grand Bru--Problem solved!!

Matthias the Brewer matthiasthebrewer at cox.net
Wed Jan 28 14:45:36 PST 2004

If there was an easy way, we'd do it.  Trust me.  But a lot of effort is
needed to keep us supplied in CLEAN bottles.  Personally, I'd rather spend
that time brewing beer, or feeding mead, or racking wine.

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--- Donnchadh <donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us>
> A dishwasher works fine for sanitizing the
> bottles, but to de-label and clean
> bottles that have been sitting around for who
> knows how long with leftovers in
> the bottom (trust me, some of them can be
> pretty nasty) takes individual
> attention with a scrubber and a bottle blaster
> (which tends to get one quite
> wet) even after they've been soaking for a week
> in bleach and soap water.  On
> that note, when people have finished emptying a
> bottle, if you can take the
> time to just swish a bit of water around it, it
> makes our life SO much easer
> when it's time to clean them.

Ah, my apologies.
I heard so much about the bottles that I was
hoping there was an easier way to clean them.

-Maria del Gyldenholt-

Inn of the Weeping Unicorn

Azure, otter bendwise argent

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